HME Football Coach Headsets
HME Football Coach Headsets

Frequently Asked Questions

HME Football Coaching Base Station

Q: How long does the reconditioning process take?

    A: Westcom Wireless strives to complete all systems within two weeks of arrival. At certain points of the year, however, we can become backlogged which can cause delays. Additional delays can also be caused by additional items needing to be addressed or adding to your existing system. After factoring in ship times, organizations should prepare to be without their headsets for up to one month.

Q: Can I have my system reconditioned by a local radio shop or an authorized reseller of HME?

    A: Westcom Wirelesss is HME's only authorized service and reconditioning center. Any other company claiming they can recondition headsets does not use factory parts, will not entitle you to the added support and benefits, cannot upgrade firmware and could potentially void your warranty.

Q: How do I let the service tech know if I have specific areas of concern on my system?

    A: While the service technicians are very thorough in their inspection of your system, we welcome you to notify us of anything you want us to spend extra time on. The service form, includes an area to notate any concerns you may have.

Q: How should I ship my headsets?

    A: You should pack all components and the reconditioning form inside of your HME case. From there you can either zip tie your case shut and ship the case by itself or place the case inside of a box and ship it that way. You can ship your headsets via any method/speed you prefer though we do recommend both insurance and tracking on the system. Be sure to ship your headsets to the Lower Burrell, PA address only. Shipping anywhere but Lower Burrell will cause significant delays in getting your headsets back.

Q: Are repairs part of the reconditioning program?

    A: Westcom Wireless will automatically perform any in-warranty repairs on your system at no additional charge. If a system is out of warranty or not covered by warranty, the contact person will be contacted with a description of the problem and costs before any further action is taken. The organization can then decide if they want to proceed with the additional repair. No one will ever be charged anything above the price of reconditioning without pre-authorization from the organization.

Q: I have 1 MB300 and 1 EB300, how much will reconditioning cost?

    A: The reconditioning price is based solely off the number of MB300s you have. A system with 1 MB and 1 EB is considered to be a single system and would cost $495.00 to have reconditioned. A system with 2 or more MB300s would be $595.00.

Q: I have another question that is not listed above, what should I do?

    A: Please feel free to contact us with any other questions. You can email support 24/7 at or call us directly at 724-337-1400. Service Technicians are available Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.

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